Christian Berkes (Ed.)

Welcome to AirSpace

How New Economies of Living and Sharing Reshape Dwelling, Architecture,
Labor, and the Self (On Airbnb, Uber, Facebook,..)
132 Pages, 2017

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This book features a historical reference on housing needs by Lucius Burckhardt, a philosophy on contemporary machinic capitalism by Gerald Raunig, an essay on gender questions in the sharing economy by Brigitte Theißl, an analytical text on Airbnb’s photo policy and how it affects our everyday life by åyr. It also brings together a set of polemic theses by its editor Christian Berkes, an agonistic panel talk held at Swiss Institute in NYC, which was organized by the London based art collective åyr, and a hyper positivist pamphlet for sharism by Isaac Mao. The text that lent its main title to this publication rounds up this multi-perspective critique of the sharing economy and leads over into a lavishly illustrated Xerox Collection with hidden jokes, self-dissolving associations, and a beautiful form of early interior photography. Welcome Home.

The term AirSpace maps out a geography created by technology. Social media is shaping our physical world, behaviors and decisions. It invites us to navigate through life without friction, otherness, uncertainty.