botopress sind christian berkessophie wohlgemuth unterstützt durch viele helfende hände und denkende köpfe.

botopress is a publishing entity highlighting architectures, cities, theories, and fictions. botopress interessiert sich nicht für bücher voller einsichten, sondern für publikationen voller ausblicke. botopress doesn’t care about directions and aims, doing books with more than one beginning, more than one ending. we are looking for a multeity of writers, let it be hundreds. botopress ist unentschieden. be the pink boto, or the grey one.

botopress is a publishing movement building on a well developed infrastructure which consists of intellectuals and practitioners from the fields of architecture, urban planning, contemporary art, political ecology and social sciences. Its unique ability is to spread fast and accessible publications that are able to create a discourse around pressing topics. As publishers we always search for new alliances and fruitful corporations.

botopress is kind of hybrid. in a time of ubiquitous computing and adaptive architectures we need to blur the rigid distinctions between idea and material, project and documentation. the fabric of space is not just made of walls and ceilings; it is also made of communications, feelings, ideas and social dynamics. but things like this require trans-mediation. they need to be translated into tangible formats. hybrid publics are able to become part of broader media architectures and social networks.

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Christian Berkes
Weserstraße 144
D-12059 Berlin
+49 30 34 08 16 89

please do not hesitate to get in touch with proposals and criticisms
botopress ist dankbar für kritik und offen für thematische vorschläge

christian: cb[aet]botopress[punkt]net  /  sophie: sw[aet]botopress[punkt]net