call: on the paradox

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boto is working on the paradox. join in the making!


He collected 15 paradoxes from the last ten years. You are the one to choose one paradox and write an ABSTRACT WITH 300 words maximum. The key point in this would be to describe the logic of the paradox. You are not asked to rephrase the whole text! Most of the source texts are 2 to 5 pages short. The chosen one will be sent to you. Therefor just write an Email to: Easy.

Deadline: March 2nd 2014

Like with “Halluzinogene Ordnungen” (link hereBOTO is interested in authorship again. Force the original idea into your line of thought! Be funny, be precise, be normal, be honest, be startling. Be what is needed.

What makes a paradox a paradox? Is each and every single paradox really paradox? Why is the notion of “paradox” so prominent these days? 

Please feel free to send in further paradoxes. They are all around.