in progress: Airbnb and its Discontents

Thematischer Sammelband

We need to talk (…) concerning our everyday life. What is happening to what once was called our “home”?

We could start here. Oder hier.

Or with a quote by Nikolaus Hirsch (e-flux journal #64):
Just look at how something like Airbnb abstracts and dissolves, even fiscalizes, core notions such as what constitutes a home. And it presents this as data before an economy of sharing and selling that takes place above and beyond architectural intervention. In the cities where Airbnb is being used most heavily, it is planning urban space, but without urban planners. Except maybe someone like Molly Turner, Airbnb’s new director of public policy, who is an urban planner, and describes Airbnb as part of a “third wave of tech … taking all of the connectivity and transactions that are occurring online and bringing them back offline into the real world.”