NY Roofscape


Eventually Made (Vincent Meyer Madaus & Sebastian Bernardy)

Upstairs New York: An Infovisual Projection on the City’s Future Roofscape

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Hybrid Publication: Analog Poster & Digital Booklet
Folded Artwork (28 x 128 cm) and Booklet with 46 Pages

ISBN: 9783946056133
botopress, 2021



In 2019, after the New York City Council had already passed a series of laws governing future roof uses for more sustainable and economic development, it became apparent that as our cities top out horizontally, it would be imperative to examine its vertical growth, studying the city’s crowns in their role as a barrier, canvas, and outlet to the built fabric. Laid out as an extensive visual and projective research, the historical and predicted narrative of the roofscape combined with the recent paradigm shift has warranted to approach the subject from different angles and resulting in a trilogy of analyses, highlighting the a) ecological value, b) programmatic potential, and c) pandemic repercussions of New York City’s roofs. Decades of shortfalls in urban planning are suddenly and visibly laid bare, accelerating a change of course urgently needed today.

The downloadable book presents a compilation of analyses conducted by the authors in collaboration with Urban Omnibus, the online magazine of The Architectural League of New York. It consists of chapters from various publications. The stand-alone, analog poster expresses the artistic interpretation of conclusions and speculations drawn from the development of these contents.

Eventually Made is the creative output of Sebastian Bernardy and Vincent Meyer Madaus. Currently operating between Rotterdam, Berlin and New York, the authors research and develop architectural narratives nestled in the everyday; an engagement of assembling found contents and situations through different media. The studio has recently been granted support from the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie to develop a self-initiated consultancy device for the symbiosis of amateur builders and professional designers.

Sebastian Bernardy is an architect and researcher based in Rotterdam. He joined AMO after graduating from TU Delft, collaborated with international offices in Berlin, and tutored the studio abroad program at Harvard GSD.

Vincent Meyer Madaus is an architect and writer based in New York and Berlin. He holds a Master from Princeton SoA where he was awarded the Howard Crosby Butler Fellowship, and realized projects in USA and Europe.